For all you creative folks out there…what better way to own your own living piece of art than to design and hand build your own custom terrarium!  Down To Earth has a generous selection of supplies including glass containers of many shapes and sizes, stones, pebbles, and glass, and darling miniature indoor plants to make your own idea come to life.

In this video, we show the home gardener how to build a self-contained, miniaturized garden in a gorgeous Spanish glass pear. Learn which soils work best in a closed environment, how to choose plants and what makes a terrarium personal.

The possibilities are endless.  Make a seasonal terrarium, go whimsical, purely botanical, color coordinated…you name it!  A thoughtful, hand crafted terrarium also makes a fantastic gift for a plant lover in your life.

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Free Talk- Grow your own mushrooms
Sunday, October 22, 11am-1pm

Attention Mushroom Lovers!
Want to grow Oyster mushrooms off of cheap and free stuff like straw, coffee grounds, and cardboard?  Ryan will show you how, using a simple and effective technique. Scalable and easy to do, this technique requires no tools or special preparation and can easily be used to grow a few pounds or a few hundred pounds of edible fungi. We’ll be working with the famous Blue Oyster mushroom, known for its voracious appetite, lightning fast growth rate, and awesome flavor. This class is perfect for newbies or seasoned cultivators.

Workshop- Build your own Terrarium
Saturday, October 28, 11am-12:30pm

Susie will guide you and provide instruction while building a beautiful terrarium in a large pumpkin shaped glass on our south porch from 11am-12:30pm. Customize your own personal living piece of artwork to keep, or give to a friend!

Space is limited to 8 participants.
All supplies will be provided.
Cost is $35.00

Skull & Vine Fiestaware

New, delightfully spooky patterned dinnerware from Fiesta.

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How to Harvest and Store Garlic

You’ve planted it, cared for it…now what?

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Practical Back To School Lunch Accessories

Get ready for the school year with the durable and sustainable.

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Malibu Biodynamic Compost & Soil

Enrich and improve your soil and the nutritional quality of your garden.

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In the Home

brought to you by Down To Earth Natural Living™
Make rice with a bamboo steamer basket!

There’s more than one way to make tasty rice.  Using one of our bamboo steamers and a few cabbage leaves, we made a pot of steamed rice, hot and ready to side dress and compliment your meal.  Use bamboo steamers to make a one pot meal- steam fish and veggies on the different trays for a quick and easy meal that’s not only nutritious, but tastes great!

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Try a new recipe today!

Kimchi Fusion Quesadillas

Add an exciting new kick to your next quesadilla, not to mention a little spicy crunch.

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Flavor Bursting Kimchi Fried Rice

What to do with rice leftovers?  Transform plain flavors into crispy, oily, and spicy!  Serve as a tasty side or add your protein of choice to make it the star of the show.

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Grandma’s Sauerkraut Potato Balls

These tangy, fried, easy-to-make delightful little potato balls are the perfect finger food at your next get together.  Add fresh dill to really make these tasty little nibbles sing.

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Bormioli Rocco
Swing-Top Bottles

Made in Italy, these jars are an elegant storage solution for liqueurs, oils and homemade beverages.

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Bormioli Rocco
Vintage Bottles

Made in Italy, these bottles are a fun way to can kitchen table accoutrements and single-serving beverages.

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Le Parfait
Super Terrines

Designed in pure, virgin glass, these terrines are an attractive take on standard bail-lid jars. Made in France.

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Ohio Stoneware
Fermentation Crocks

The American-made classic, these crocks are beloved by both novice and veteran fermenters.

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In the Garden

brought to you by Down To Earth Natural Fertilizers™
Keep your plants and your soil happy with the right amendments

As seasons change, so do temperatures, soil conditions, and consequently the stress levels of your plants.  Down To Earth’s Kelp Meal is a great all seasons nutrient supplement that is rich in potash and helps combat plant stress.  It is ideal for early spring or fall application.

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Time to prepare for cold weather!
Growing Garlic

Fall is upon us, and it is time to start planting garlic from seed.  Check out our growing tips to help you grow your best garlic crop!

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Growing Onions

Check out how to grow and harvest your own onions.  We’ve got seed onions in right now alongside our garlic, just in time for fall planting.

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Forcing Bulbs

Can’t wait until spring for gorgeous color?  Check out how to force bulbs in the wintertime if you need a little color pick me up, or a lovely gift to give someone.

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Kelp Meal 1-0.1-2

An ideal nutrient supplement for all types of vegetables, herbs, flowers, & perennials.

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Fish Bone Meal 3-16-0

Great source of organic phosphorus and calcium. Also contains a little nitrogen, making it an ideal fertilizer for new garden beds, perennials, and bulbs.

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Rose & Flower Mix 4-8-4

Outstanding for all types of roses, bulbs, flowering shrubs, onions, and garlic!

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Vegan Mix 3-2-2

Designed for the vegan gardener, this mix will go throughout the season.

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