We have Fruit Trees!

Bare root fruit trees offer an affordable and easy way to reap the benefits of fresh fruit right out of the garden. Bare root trees are generally available January-March, during the dormant season, and will establish themselves quickly as the weather warms. We are happy to announce that we have bare root fruit trees available right now!  Included in the selection are: Fuji, Honeycrisp and Pink Lady Apples, Comice and D’Anjou Pears, Royal Anne and Stella Cherries, Frost Peaches, and more!  Visit our nursery soon for the best selection.  Be sure to check out our event calendar for details on a free Bare Root Fruit Tree Care talk in February, and click the link for our Bare Root Care guide which offers some basic tips to make the planting of your new tree a success.

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Free Class: Backyard Habitat
Saturday, February 2  11am-12:30pm

How to attract birds, butterflies, bats, and other critters to your home with Dick Lamster.
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Free Class: Bare Root Tree Care
Saturday, February 2  2pm-3:30pm

David of Down To Earth will be talking about Bare Root Fruit Tree Care. This valuable information share will include site prep for your new tree(s), planting, and the appropriate care and followup care. He will also cover pest control, as well as organic spraying methods for healthier trees, and better yields!


Bare Root Fruit Trees

How to plant and care for your trees for healthy organic fruit in your backyard.

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Learn about what organic fertilizer is made of, how it works, and why it’s better for your soil.

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Read about different candle types, waxes and holders to select the perfect candles for your home.

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