Summer is heating up, and what better way to cool off than with a refreshing glass of ice cold lemonade that you’ve made yourself!?  Yes, please.  Check out our Lemonade Party video to see how to make the perfect lemonade, as well as some tasty and creative lemonade twists… Also, we’ve included a bonus spicy limeade recipe that is sure to knock your sandals off (and get used in your next margarita, no doubt).

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How to Harvest and Store Garlic

You’ve planted it, cared for it…now what?

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Practical Back To School Lunch Accessories

Get ready for the school year with the durable and sustainable.

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Malibu Biodynamic Compost & Soil

Enrich and improve your soil and the nutritional quality of your garden.

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Lock Eat Jars

New- durable bail lid canning and juice jars with removable lid.

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Check out what we’re doing in-store

Annual Tomato Taste Off
Saturday, August 26, 11am-1:00pm

Attention tomato lovers of all ages!  It’s time for our annual Tomato Taste Off!  If you haven’t been before, this festive event features an insane amount of different varieties and tomato types, all grown locally, and donated by passionate gardeners from the community.  Bring your tastebuds, sample as many or all of the delicious fruits on display, and then vote for your favorite tomato, the one you want to see crowned the tastiest tomato of 2017!

Free Talk & Demo: Harvesting Honey
Sunday, September 3, 11am-1:00pm

Join us in the middle room of our store (between housewares and garden) for a great demo on harvesting honey from a Warre hive, presented by Brian and Angel.  See a beekeeper in action (minus the bees).  They’ll cover the following topics: Harvesting honey from a top bar Warre beehive, live demo of removing honeycomb, crushing and straining liquid honey, how to make a double-bucket strainer, how to harvest with respect for the bees, and also hands off beekeeping: learn how to keep bees with minimal management and without the use of plastic and chemicals.  Hope to see you there!

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In the Home

brought to you by Down To Earth Natural Living™
Make amazing three day fermented sun pickles- crisp and delicious!

Summer is in full swing, and we’ve got just the thing for an easy food project….make your own sun pickles!  In just three days, you can stock your fridge with crispy, spicy, delicious dill pickles, packed with a probiotic punch!   Pickle lovers will rejoice at the ease and the great taste.  Serve sliced crisp wedges with sandwiches, use in recipes (fried pickles???) eat right out of the jar, or take some to your next BBQ.

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Bite into a crispy sliver of summer sunshine with sun pickles!
World Famous Fried Pickles

No need to regret not buying one at the County fair…these fried treats can be made right at home.

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Classic Tzatziki

This refreshing side is made with greek yogurt and fresh cucumbers for a delicious dish that cuts through spicy or fatty food dishes as a cool compliment.  Make with homemade yogurt and homegrown cucumbers if you can!

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The World’s Best Pickle Relish

This relish is a delicious way to re-purpose some of those dill pickles hanging out in the fridge.

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Bormioli Rocco
Swing-Top Bottles

Made in Italy, these jars are an elegant storage solution for liqueurs, oils and homemade beverages.

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Bormioli Rocco
Vintage Bottles

Made in Italy, these bottles are a full way to can kitchen table accoutrements and single-serving beverages.

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Le Parfait
Super Terrines

Designed in pure, virgin glass, these terrines are an attractive take on standard bail-lid jars. Made in France.

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Ohio Stoneware
Fermentation Crocks

The American-made classic, these crocks are beloved by both novice and veteran fermenters.

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In the Garden

brought to you by Down To Earth Natural Fertilizers™
Mastering the fundamentals helps build great gardens

It’s the time of year for transplanting, and what better way to treat your garden right and ensure success by using mycorrhizal fungi to enhance plant growth by promoting strong, vigorous roots, as well as keeping your soil healthy?  Transplanting is the perfect time to use mycorrhizae, as you can sprinkle it in the planting hole making sure it has direct access to the plant’s roots.

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Time to get in the garden!
Garden Tool Primer

The right tool for the job can make all the difference when you’re outside working in the garden.

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Fruit Spray Schedule

Protect your fruit trees from disease and voracious pests by keeping track of when and what to spray with our Fruit Tree Spray Schedule as a reference.

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Growing Tomatoes

All about growing those lovely, sweet, tart, juicy glowing garden orbs that (most) gardeners love so much!

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Bio-Live 5-4-2

Our best-selling fertilizer, it’s active microbes will give your plants a head start.

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Acid Mix 4-3-6

For acid-soil loving plants, this mix encourages lush flowers and fruits.

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All Purpose 4-6-2

Our original mix, it is the one-shot plan for a fruitful growing season.

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Vegan Mix 3-2-2

Designed for the vegan gardener, this mix will go throughout the season.

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