follow url Create darling pies in canning jars to freeze and bake later, or impress your friends and family with sweet gifts!
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I love everything about pie.  The smell spreading throughout the house, warming up next to the hot oven in the cold winter months while it bakes a buttery, nourishing squash pie, the sight and anticipation of a pie cooling on the rack…and of course the beauty and simplicity of a cold chocolate cream pie for a rich summer dessert.  I make pie every season, all year round, and get especially obsessed when fall arrives.  You could say it’s passion for pie.
However, whenever I make a whole pie when it’s not a holiday, I find finishing an entire pie between one or two people a dilemma.  I believe it’s a grievous crime to waste food (especially pie), also, it’s hard on the structural integrity of one’s waistline to consume pie for a week straight.
Here is where the versatility of the canning jar comes into play.  There are recipe books and blogs devoted to the fine art of mini and handheld pies.  I embraced that concept and off to the kitchen I went to convert my favorite pie recipe into sweet little mini pies to freeze,  bake, and unashamedly devour at my convenience. JENN’S FAVORITE RHUBARB PIE- MADE MINI!

quanto costa Viagra generico 50 mg online WHAT YOU’LL NEED:
-7 half pint canning jars (the short and fat kind, see pictures below)
-About a pound of fresh organic rhubarb stalks, roughly chopped (a little over 3 cups)
– Already prepared cold pie dough for a double crust regular pie
– Roughly 14 TBSP evaporated cane juice (or white sugar)
– Roughly 4 TBSP all purpose flour

comprare viagra generico 25 mg pagamento online a Napoli YIELD:  For this particular pie project, the yield of the above ingredients made 7 half pint mini pies, with a very small amount of leftover dough you could use for another small pie if you have a little extra rhubarb on hand, or you can take the leftover dough and roll into strips, brush with melted butter and top with cinnamon and sugar and bake at 375˚ F. until golden brown for a tasty treat.


follow link STEP ONE:  Wash and dry jars and lids.  Prepare the rhubarb and set aside.  I like to use my trusty 5″ Wusthof Santoku knife for such tasks.

real levitra canadian STEP TWO:  Whisk flour and sugar together in a small bowl, and set aside with the prepared rhubarb.  Take small pieces of your pie dough and press onto the sides of your jar, making your way almost to the top.  For best results, make sure the bottom and sides are even thickness.  Take a spoonful of your flour/sugar mixture and put on the bottom of each jar; give the jar a gentle shake to coat the bottom.  Fill jars with chopped rhubarb, up to the edge of the crust. STEP THREE:  Take a large, heaping spoonful of the flour/sugar mixture and spoon on top of the rhubarb, gently shaking some of it down into the jar.  *Optional- put a little dab of butter on the top of the rhubarb filling before putting on the top crust.*  Roll out the leftover dough, and cut pie toppers using a canning ring.  I like to cut little shapes into the top as a vent (I used a paring knife, but mini cookie cutters are fantastic for this),  or if you have pie crust decor skills, a lattice top would also work just fine, and look gorgeous to boot.  I am a lazy pie maker, so I go for as simple as possible. STEP FOUR:  Gently press the edges of your pie topper into the inside rim, then take your canning lid and tightly screw it shut.  You can use a sharpie to mark the top of your pie to remember which kind and when it was made, or if you are giving as a gift you could use some  cute labels (such as *ahem* these super cute round canning labels from Down To Earth) for a slightly more decorative approach.  Store your pies in the freezer until you need to pull one out for a pie pick-me-up!

dove comprare viagra generico a Roma BAKING YOUR CREATION:  Remove the lid and ring, and set your pie jar onto a cookie sheet and place in a cold oven.  Turn the oven onto 375˚ F, and let bake for 50-60 minutes, or until the top is a rich golden brown and the filling is hot and bubbly!  Top that beauty with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream for added decadence… the balance of rich, cold, and creamy combined with the buttery flaky crust and hot tart rhubarb filling is absolute perfection.

Have a friend who needs some cheering up?  Bring them a fresh baked jar full of homemade pie for a guaranteed smile.  Have a favorite fruit pie recipe?  Split your ingredients into jars for single servings of your favorite pie that can be enjoyed anytime- it’s hard to go wrong!  Easy, cute, and delicious. Make it now, enjoy it later!