follow link While sometimes overlooked as a simplistic form of cooking, steaming can quite easily be the opposite with the help from a classic Chinese kitchen tool, the bamboo steamer!  Our woven bamboo steamers are comprised of two stacking layers with a lid that can be filled with fish, pre-cooked grains, your latest garden harvest of veggies, or much more.  Steam to perfection by placing over a wok or round saucepan filled with a few inches of boiling water.


go site Get creative by adding herbs, or using your favorite broth!  Take table side presentation to the next level by serving directly from the basket, whose woven texture will insulate your delectable delights.  Perfect for the health conscious of all ranges- from those who seek a low fat or low sodium mealtime to omnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike!  And talk about green…woven from shoots of the bamboo plant using no plastic or metal fasteners, you can feel good about using this environmentally conscious kitchen accessory.  Our bamboo steamers come in several sizes to serve the needs of the individual or family.  With this versatile tool, you’ll discover and add new zest to ancient cooking traditions!

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